Why Is It so Hard To Get Rid Of Belly Fat?(How To Do It)

by - May 25, 2020

This the biggest problem faced by many individuals around the world, especially for the regular gym-goers and also for the newbies who have just started their journey. The first thing they want to do is to lose their "bulge" or the belly fat.

Why Is It so Hard To Get Rid Of Belly Fat

This annoying piece of flab below your belly button can be a serious taker as it is by far one of the hardest parts in the body to lose fat, thus covering all your hard work in the gym.

The belly fat prevents you from looking as lean as you want and makes your pants still feel tighter than they should.

So, the reality is that, that the lower stomach fat is particularly tough to lose – especially for many men – even when your diet and exercise routine seem like they’re on point.

Well, there isn't a problem that can't be fixed.

Trust me, If anyone tells you that you can't lose that belly fat because of genetics or whatever reason they give you, don't listen to them because with the right strategies this is possible.

So, in this article, I’m going to tell you why fat from certain regions of your body, like your lower stomach, can seem tougher to lose than others and will give you some effective ways to get rid of it.

Why Are Some Fats Difficult To Get Rid of?

Our body is covered all over by fat tissues, but not all fats are the same in the body. You might notice that when you lose weight, it's easier too loose fat from certain areas than others.

For men its difficult to lose the belly fat and fat from the lower back than those in arms, chest, and legs. And women have difficulty losing fat from their thighs and hips.

Alright, so now what most people will do is try to get rid of these fats by using targeted exercises.

They will do lots of crunches and leg raises and all the exercises which work in that area. But the point that people miss is that they aren't going to lose fat from these areas by performing exercises which target those areas. 

This is a myth that you can only reduce fat from specific regions in the body just by performing certain exercises.

The Myth Of Targeted Fat Loss

There are dozens of fitness magazines and websites which will give you advice and 100s of ways to target that stubborn fat.

You will see ads about specifically designed workouts to target those midsections of your body claiming that they are the only way you can lose that belly fat, leading us to believe that we can focus fat loss from a particular area in our body.

When I started bodybuilding, even I had this dream of having chiseled abs, which made me search the web for all the possible ways by which I could lose my abdominal fat.

My only focus was to lose my belly fat without focusing on the regions, which made me try these workouts shown on various websites, claiming to target only the fat in my lower abdomen and back. 

After failed attempts from doing so, I came to realize that its impossible to lose fat from a specific part of the body and if anyone tells you so he/she is lying.

What Makes A Fat So Stubborn?

What makes belly fat so difficult to lose is what makes all the fat.

Consuming more food than you utilize each day resulting in caloric surplus that gets stored as fat.

Alright, so you can't lose stubborn fat or any fat as a matter of fact if you are not burning more energy than you are taking in.

But there are a few points which differentiate between stubborn and less stubborn fats, which makes the former more difficult to get rid of even when you are on a less calorie diet.

Here are the reasons:

1. So basically the fat stored in your belly button and lower back have something which is called alpha-receptors, while the other fats in the other body parts have beta receptors. What these receptors are responsible for is for the fat cells to release energy. So the alpha-receptors trigger the release of energy at a far slower rate than those of beta-receptors. That is why when you lose weight, you will notice more fat is lost where there are beta-receptors than the area with alpha-receptors.

2. We all know insulin plays an important role in fat loss. So what insulin does is increase the fat storage enzyme and decrease the fat-releasing enzyme. Since fat in your stomach and lower back areas are more sensitive to insulin, they tend to store more fat compared to other fats in our bodies.

3. For fat to burn they need to be transported to different parts of the body. Since the fat in your abdomen has fewer blood vessels it is difficult to transport the fat to different cells for the process of fat burning

How To Burn And Get Rid Of Belly Fat

Following a suitable diet: The main focus is to lose fat around your stomach and lower back regions. Many people have been dieting for a very long time and even workout but still, their fat loss comes to a stand. That is because when you diet for a very long time it results in your body decreasing your metabolic rate, as their body thinks that the food is in limited supply and protects itself from losing more weight. The only solution is to follow a reverse diet regime, which will again increase the metabolic rate of the body.

Following a fasted diet: Intermittent diet with cardio is said to be one of the best ways to lose stubborn fat. what happens in a fasted diet is that the body has low insulin which means that the stubborn fat which is sensitive to insulin which causes fat storage can easily lose fat, plus there is a better flow of blood in your abdomen area which also aids in fat loss. if you want to know more about the intermittent diet read this detailed article.

Increase the intensity of your workout, do more strength training, get more sleep, and check on your stress level.


Lower abdomen fat is the issue faced by a lot of people. You can't get rid of the fat around your stomach and lower back just by doing targeted exercises.

This can make your abs strong but not visible and it won't do much to burn the fat that's covering them.

If you have difficulty in losing belly fat then let me know in the comment sections.

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