Losing Weight The Right Way (Truth About Rapid Weight Loss Techniques)

by - May 29, 2020

We all have seen advertisements such as these

"Lose 6 inches in 6 weeks!","Drop 30 pounds in 4 weeks",
"How to lose weight in 3 days?"

It is natural for people who are eager to get slimmed down to be drawn towards rapid weight loss advertisements.

The natural and safest way to lose weight which will not cause any harm to the body is losing half to 2 pounds a week. 

Losing Weight The Right Way (Truth About Rapid Weight Loss Techniques)

Losing weight by following these overnight weight-loss strategies can result in several side effects and some of them can be really dangerous.

One of my acquaintances had rung me up earlier this year stating that he had lost 6 kg of body weight in just 3 days by following a water diet in which he just drank water for the entire 3 days. 

But it didn't last long as he had gained the weight back again when he started eating.

That's just one of the ways by which rapid weight loss backfires. 


1) Your metabolism is slowed down. It means that your body enters into starvation mode. When someone who generally consumes 3000 calories a day cuts down to 1500 calories the body slows down its processes to save energy and your body will store more fat.

The safe way to do is to cut not more than 500 calories. This way of dieting won't bring the results faster but it will surely be safe and last longer.

2) You could start losing muscle, instead of fat. When you quickly cut down calories, your muscles will suffer the loss.

Muscles are more metabolically active which means that one pound of muscles will burn more calories than one pound of fat.

Keeping protein in your diet is highly advisable when you are dieting, together with strength training as it will help build and keep the muscle and lose fat.

3)Your body will get dehydrated. Rapid loss of weight through low carb or no carb diet can cause your body to be dehydrated. Thus it can cause cramps, headaches, or constipation.

It's always advisable to consume enough electrolytes while dieting or using rock salt which will maintain the water balance not causing dehydration.

4) It can also affect your mental health. If we are starving and not eating enough and the changes occurring in our body at a fast rate affects our mood and the state of mind. 

Some people have this thinking that losing weight will boost their confidence and bring happiness but after weight loss, when those things haven’t materialized, it can exaggerate preexisting mental health conditions or further promote body image issues.
If you see weight loss as a means of hitting a personal goal, such as finding a relationship, becoming healthy, being productive, or having self-confidence. Often, you’ll find that weight loss is a small factor, and taking a shortcut won’t truly give the growth you’re looking for.
You’ll be kinder to yourself if you choose a slower, more progressive route for weight loss.

Safer ways of losing weight
# Drinking more water especially before a meal- Water increases the speed of your metabolism, helping you by burning more calories. Another benefit of drinking water before a meal is, it will help you eat fewer calories and thus lose more weight.
#Intermitten fasting- it is one of the best and safest ways to lose weight which controls the time of eating and fasting. You can read more in detail about intermittent fasting in this article
#Eating more amounts of protein- Protein increases the rate of metabolism in your body and it also helps in building lean muscles. You can add eggs, peanut butter, dals in your diet which are quite filling and will help in effective weight loss.
#Working out- This should have been the number one way of losing weight, there can be nothing better than strength training or weight lifting to increase fat loss. Try working out at least 3 times a week, if you don't have a thing with weights then you can do bodyweight workouts which will burn more calories.
#Devide your meals- Instead of consuming 3 big meals a day, try eating 6 small meals throughout the day. Providing your body with constant small amounts of food will help you curb your food addiction and stop you from eating large amounts of calories.
#Sleep tight- get your daily sleep of 8 hours. this will help in managing your hunger pangs and also helps in recovering your body. Sleeping less than 5 - 6 hours have shown the leading cause of obesity as less sleep slows down the metabolism process which thus results in storing more fat in the body.
It is important to remember that there are no quick fixes when it comes to weight loss.
The best way to reach and maintain a healthy weight is to eat a nutritious, balanced diet and working out for at least 45 minutes daily.

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