Lifting Weights Wont Make You Bulky - LADIES

by - May 26, 2020

Nowadays the gym has been divided into two parts, the first part where the guys dominate - the weights section and the cardio section normally covered by the women.

Lifting Weights Wont Make You Bulky - LADIES

"I don't want to look bulky, I just want to tone up my muscles"
This is the most common mindset of the women who join the gym, they avoid heavy lifting and weight training with the fear of not getting injured or getting too bulky(manly). They stick to cardio workouts thinking that it's going to full fill their goals.

I had a training partner in one of my previous gyms where I trained, she was a bikini model for a fitness magazine. And to let you know she did weight training, strength training and had cardio only once a week. 

As a fitness enthusiast, I have been asked and overheard a lot of time that women don't want to lift weights with the fear of getting too big.

What actually happens when you lift weights?

One of the main benefits of weight lifting is that it increases the rate of fat burn in our body, it doesn't lead to bulking up. So instead of spending hours on the treadmills which can relatively burn fat as well as muscles, lifting weights. Building and gaining lean muscle helps in maintaining the figure and burning extra calories. Plus, lifting weights helps with your heart health compared to just training on the elliptical machine. 

Unless you plan on taking steroids, have amazing genetics or plan working out 5 - 6 hours in the gym, aren't going to look manly. Women have just 1/15th of testosterone as compared to men, and testosterone is the main hormone to build muscles. S

it is normally and genetically impossible to look like a she-hulk unless that is what you want to look like, even that is really difficult. All the females you see on TV and magazines with manly physique have worked for it and have used anabolic steroids. So let us just give this reason a rest.

Lifting light weights will tone up the muscle.

If you think, doing endless reps with a 5kg dumbbell is going to tone up your muscle then maybe you are following a wrong workout type because doing long reps with the same weight only increases muscle endurance and not tone it.

To have your muscles look toned and right for your figure you need to comply with increasing weight and lowering the reps.

I have heard this concept of 'long and lasting muscles' from a number of women in the gym, to be honest, it is extremely unrealistic for you to change the length of your muscles no matter how and what type of training you do. What gives you the long and lean look is muscle definition which comes from lifting.

Health benefits of weight lifting

Training with weights actually has lots of health benefits which includes 
Increase bone density,
More sleep 
Better stress management.

Personal opinions on why women should start weight lifting

When you are stronger you are not dependent on anyone to carry heavy objects from one place to another, life is actually easier when you are stronger.

# You are there for yourself whenever you need any help outside as well as inside your house. You don't need a male figure to come for your rescue.

# You look good and feel confident with your body. You have one less thing to be insecure and that is your figure, as weight training greatly affects your body in the best way.

In the end, I would request all the women who will be reading this for any reason whether to improve their body or for knowledge or whatever the reason they have, Lifting weights isn't going to make you look bulky or manly but it is going to make you look more of a woman of power. 

Apart from all the weight loss and health benefits of weight lifting, it makes you strong, and being strong for women is the need of the hour. You have dreams you have goals in your life you need to work for it if you feel the world isn't a fair and a safe place then make one and you can do this by being more confident and self-independent and believing in yourself. 

Working out is just a tiny step towards that change. "Life is comparatively easier when you are strong".

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