5 Sins That Are Killing Your Gains (How To Fix Them And Build Muscle)

by - May 28, 2020

The most common Fitness goal of every individual comes down to the fact they want to lose fat and build muscle.

5 Sins That Are Killing Your Gains (How To Fix Them And Build Muscle)

That can be the main reason why people hit the gym, but in reality, there can be various other health benefits and reasons to workout, but this is what interests most of the people. 

There are obvious reasons why losing weight can be difficult and frustrating, similar to building muscle which can be very hard to understand.

Now, you can do your research, watch a lot of workout videos on youtube but certain things will always kill all your muscle gains. What most of us think is going to the gym and lifting weights continuously should make you all jacked, but if you happen to ask any regular gym-goer they might have a completely different answer, Instead, most of them will be familiar to working out day in and day out without seeing the change and muscle which isn't good enough as they want.

5 Sins That Are Killing Your Gains
 (How To Fix Them And build Muscle)

1) You are not training hard enough

The reason you aren't building muscle or losing fat can be because you aren't putting in the work at the gym. You are not completing your workout, If you are following a particular workout routine with specific amounts of sets and rest in between the exercise then the main motive of that workout routine is to help you build muscle by breaking down the musclefiber. 

If you will leave the rest of the workout or don't perform the exercises with the intensity required then you are in no place to complain that you aren't seeing any changes in your body.

The number of exercises for a particular muscle group is because you have to work that muscle from every point and angle and force it to grow, not doing it with intensity will not bring any results.

FIX- Now there can be many reasons why people can't complete their workout with the same intensity. Sometimes the level of workout you are trying can be of a much higher level and your endurance level isn't developed as to match with the level prescribed in your routine. Or the hour at which you are working doesn't suit your energy levels. Or you are lacking the motivation to see a change in yourself.

 Choose a workout routine that you think you will be able to complete and wouldn't have to leave it in between, choose the time of your day where you think you are more energized, and try to motivate yourself by watching workout videos or listening to some motivational speeches.

2) You are not consuming enough protein

We all know that proteins are the building blocks of muscles fibres. This has been taught to us since we were in 7th grade. 

When you exercise, your muscles tend to break because of the constant expansion and contraction. Protein is the main source by which damaged muscle fibers rebuild themselves into stronger and bigger muscle fibers. 

If you are working out with great intensity but not consuming enough protein then there will be no building of muscles and you won't see new gains

FIX- There can be various reasons for not having enough protein in your diet but to see a change you need to provide the body with the specific amount of protein it needs to grow. If you arent getting the protein required from the food or diet you are taking then there are protein  supplements

in the market like whey protein and mass gainers which can help by providing the body with the requisite amount it needs. Normally the procedure is to take 2g protein per bodyweight if you want to build muscle. For example, if you are bodyweight is 60kg then you need to consume at least 120g of protein.

3) You have been doing the same type of exercises

You perform the same type of exercise for every body part with the same number of sets and rests. Our body is built in such a way that a constant external factor becomes adaptable by the body.

It means that the body gets used to the same exercises and weights you perform and finds no need to grow as it adapts your workout routine.

FIX- to force your muscles to grow you need to constantly bring them challenges, you need to force the muscles to grow by changing the pattern of your exercises and changing the reps and sets and increasing the weights by each set.

Progressive overload is what builds the muscle, you constantly add weights to your workout and perform the reps, this breaks the muscle fibers for new muscles to grow.

4) You are sleeping too little

This can be the most common reason why you aren't seeing any changes in your body. You are training hard in the gym and have your diet in place but if you aren't giving your body the rest time it needs then it will not grow. 

The best workout plan and the best protein will do no good if you are not getting enough sleep and rest, the body repairs and recovers itself while we sleep through protein synthesis and release of various hormones.

FIX- Our body needs at least 8 hours of sleep daily for it to work properly the next day. You need to figure a sleep routine that will cover this time of sleep in your entire 24 hour day. you can sleep in bits and pieces or have a good long nap but the goal is to sleep 8 hours after a vigorous workout, for your body to build itself back.

5) You are exceeding in doing your cardio

Many people to burn fat tend to do the high-intensity cardio just after their workout is completed. doing some anaerobic training isn't a bad thing, overdoing it certainly is. 

performing cardio exercises just after your workout can cause muscle loss if you are exceeding the limit, your body is already in a tired state forcing it to perform cardio can cause protein breakdown in the body for the extra energy it needs to complete the cardio session. 

It is not advisable to do intense cardio just after your workout but doing 20 mins run on the treadmill won't bring any harm.

FIX- If you want to build muscle then keep the cardio to a moderate level. How much you should do? it depends on individuals. 

Normally it is said doing cardio of 30 minutes after your workout for 3 - 4 alternate days a week is beneficial. 2 - 3 high-intensity cardio in a week can also work for some lifters, but you constantly need to check your body for signs of overtraining.

You also should be aware that unless you’re a newbie to lifting with a fair amount of weight to lose, it becomes increasingly difficult trying to simultaneously gain lean mass while losing body fat. Once you’ve been training for several years, it’s best to focus on one goal or the other.

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